Welcome to ULTRAHEALTH, we specialize in supplying New Zealand and the world with high quality herbal products, developed to enhance your life and better your health. All our products have been vigorously tested for effectiveness and formulated to perfection, we only use top quality ingredients that are manufactured in FDA approved naturaceutical laboratories.


We are so confident in our product range that we offer a full 60 day, 100% money back guarantee. So for any reason, you are not 100% happy, simply return them for a full refund on any number of unopened bottles and upto 1 open bottle, even if its completely empty. No questions asked.

NATURAMAX - Penis size

Men of New Zealand do you want a bigger member? if the answer is yes, you need Naturamax. Naturamax supports blood flow to your penis,increased testosterone levels, and libido. Which not only enhances your erection size, but also the size of your penis when in its soft state. With clients noticing gains within just the seven days of taking naturamax. Men we know Bigger is best! .

FROM: NZD$29.99

SPERMOMAX - Ejaculate volume

Optimize your sperm volume, sexual performance and libido with Spermomax, this is the natural way to improve the whole sexual experience. Now you will be able to satisfy even the most demanding kiwi ladies, and cum like you have never experienced before.

FROM: NZD$33.33

DELAY - Premature ejaculation

Delay,Is an AMAZING herbal blended formula that is guaranteed to hand you back the control over your sexual performance. Delay supports normal ejaculation function, in turn preventing you from blowing your load to early.


NIAGRA - Erectile dysfunction

Niagra is a blended formulation of natures most potent herbal aphrodisiacs,that will assist you in achieving and maintaining a solid rock hard erection. Niagra is designed to help men with erection issues to restore blood flow, release stored testosterone, and heighten sensation by enhancing the body's natural hormone production.

FROM: NZD$38.33

NYMPHOMAX - Female libido

Ladies this one is for you. If you are suffering from any sexual dysfunction, or just want to experience stronger more intense orgasms, Nymphomax was engineered to overcome the obstacles women need to enjoy a more pleasurable and rewarding sexual experience.

FROM: NZD$34.99